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Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Open Relationships

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Open Relationships

Open relationship facts aren’t always as black and white as most people would like them to be. Given the topic of open relationships and having multiple lovers is rather open anyway, sometimes true facts remain a mystery. A lot of information regarding open relationships is based on perspective. However, there are some top facts that everybody should be aware of when considering an open relationship.


Open Relationships Need Nurturing

When you consider the dynamics that come together in an intimate relationship between two or more people, it is pretty obvious that in order for the relationship to work there needs to be several key factors in place. Communication for one, beyond that, there has to be time for each person involved to work on whatever part of the relationship that needs to be focused on. If there is anybody involved that needs extra attention, everybody should agree to help that person. When one person struggles, the whole group does so it is better to practice a daily amount of time to work on the areas of the relationship that need them the most.

Not All Open Relationships Are About Sex

Just like any other relationship, it is not all about sex. Maybe in the beginning, when everything is hot and heavy, but as time goes by, more important things start to set in. Love. Teamwork. Support in the time of need, and other acts of love that people that care about each other do. Not everybody involved in the relationship will always be in the mood for sex. When there are sensitive emotions present because of sex, it is always wise to pay attention to the signals and to try and keep things as civil and positive as possible.

People Do Get Jealous

Just because somebody likes being in an open relationship, and they like the idea of sharing the person that they love does not mean that jealousy will not be present. When this comes up, there needs to be a plan of action or a pre-discussed conversation that everybody can revert to so as not to cause any unrepairable damage. Although sometimes people get jealous, it doesn’t mean there have to be any negative results from it. The best thing to do is to be open and honest about all of the emotions that are going on. Being honest and able to communicate is key to preserving the best possible scenario.

All Relationships Vary On the People Involved

Each open relationship will depend on the way the people that are in it believe. Some people may be more tolerant of behavior than others. Some people will be more jealous or sensitive than others. Some people’s relationship needs will be more sophisticated or demanding than others. Depending on the beliefs of the lovers and the desires of the whole will ultimately play the biggest role in whatever rules or guidelines that the people involved would like to live by.

Don’t Cheat In an Open Relationship

By all means, if you are in an open relationship, you should not cheat. If there is ever another person that you are interested in, always bring it up with your lovers. Just because somebody is in an open relationship doesn’t give them the green light to wander wherever they would like. Just like any other relationship, an open relationship is a commitment and should always be treated as such.