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Wheelchair Community: 3 Places To Look For Support

Wheelchair Community: 3 Places To Look For Support

If you are new to being a wheelchair user, it is completely normal for your emotions to go from the depths of despair one day to soaring high into optimism on another.

A spinal cord injury can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. You may experience fear or anger when dealing with your disability, but to have hope is always good as you find ways around obstacles in life that would have never been there without this change. Ultimately, you will also get by with a little help from friends who understand what struggles come along with living in a chair.

What Is A Wheelchair Community?

Wheelchair communities are made up of individuals who all have a different story, but they’re going through many similar experiences. Some were injured in car accidents or sports injuries and others from birth as with children born to mothers with spina bifida whose spinal cords weren’t developed properly while developing inside the womb.

The common ground these people share is that each has spent time in a wheelchair at some point during their lives for various reasons – whether it’s temporary like after an injury just trying to get back on their feet again, or permanent due to being disabled by one condition or another which may not be something they can recover from if even possible at all.

What makes this community so unique and helpful though is knowing that you aren’t alone and that you will have the necessary support that can help with dealing with feelings, be inspired by wheelchair activities, and learn about medical innovations for your condition – there’s always something exciting happening in wheelchair communities.

Places To Find Support

What do you do if your friends and family don’t understand? The Internet is the fastest way to find help. Try typing in search terms such as “wheelchair communities near me,” “support groups near me, or “spinal cord injury support groups.” If you live in a large city, it’s very likely several results will come up.

For people living outside of major cities with limited transportation options there are also virtual support group alternatives like online forums and chat rooms on Facebook that can be accessed from anywhere around the world!  I’ve seen some posts by individuals thanking their online community for being so important- they wouldn’t survive without them.

Talk to your doctor. They can often set up a local support group for patients who may recognize one another in the waiting room or share similar experiences during treatment sessions. You might also know of some other groups around town which are led by social workers and nurses that you already interact with on a regular basis at work or even at school.

Finding The Right Fit

It may take a while to find the perfect wheelchair community, but it’s worth looking. Just remember that you are in charge of your own experience and should not feel as if there is one specific place for everyone; rather, look into different groups until you find what best suits your personality type.

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